WFE for SVN - Web Front End for SVN

This is a web based application that supports SVN which is another open source application. Web Front End had multiple user level applications that help in creating user accounts and user groups with the ability to authenticate permission to read / write options. WEF also facilitates users to configure their accounts with the access files. Users can also configure folder level read / write authentication. Another significant advantage of WEF is the facility to adopt graphs for commit statistics.

Popularly known as the Subversion Repository for Web front end, it is interspersed through web interface resulting in subversion repositories. There are many advantages offered by the classified features

  • Repositories can be accessed on local disks; they can also be accessed remotely. Users can browse and update every single revision of the repository.
  • This technology also enables the users to view contents of all the files in the repository which is functional irrespective of the revision.
  • Another significant advantage of the SVN is the enhancement to let viewing the differences of the arbitrary revision.
  • RSS feeds can be generated based on any comments on any files that are being revised or viewed.
  • Looking at the entire history of changes and up gradations of any repository is another core benefit that is offered by this technology.
  • SVN web interface also enables the viewing of the interface in various languages. Internal catching is possible with the data from repository is saved on the web which will help to increase the speed of the page display if it is a repeated visit.
  • Users can configure various patterns to reorganize data log messages through a rich log messaging system.

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