Manufacturing to its complexity and traditional approach in many segments require many interventions to upgrade many of their practices that suit customer expectations. Production across the domains is linked to demand – supply gap that is invariable determined by the consumer behavior. In this scenario, for manufacturing companies to meet up with the demands and stay abreast with market scenarios, it is important to ensure apt technology processes are implemented. Acura works through multiple models and provide options for various industrial domains to enhance production capabilities along with other business functionalities including supply chain management, manufacturing & execution strategy and product cycle implementation.

We, at Acura conceptualize solutions that are industry specific across multiple domains by applying deeper insights through consulting approach. Our expertise and exposure to the best in class global practices will help our clients to adopt solutions that are exponentially beneficial.

Key functionalities to look at from Acura Technologies
  • When we work with the manufacturing sector, we work towards transforming the complete operations model to make it adaptable with technology.
  • We work through consulting models to evaluate the technology relevance which is sliced to the operating segments.
  • Our interventions will help manufactures of any size to be able to track production progress, consignment status and even the manufacturing plan based on projections.
  • We create mechanisms that are even mobile to help companies enable employees and vendors close in the communication gaps.

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