Insurance industry has been undergoing many rapid changes and regulatory related challenges in terms of operations apart from many other challenges. The competition is getting tougher that is challenging traditional companies and newer players to continue to provide attractive services to their customers. There are few other complex processes including claims and underwriting that are being reviewed to make the options more flexible to customers while ensuring the regulatory is not compromised.

In this context technology intervention finds more relevance in arriving to smarter solutions that balances the regulatory norms, customer satisfaction and company’s profitability. Acura creates domain specific technology solutions that can be implemented to migrate towards smarter operations while keeping the scope alive to upgrade the systems as and when on demand.

Specific services under Insurance domain

  • Product development which includes end-to-end technology implementation and maintenance support.
  • Marketing and Distribution that deals with agency, sales and commissioning segments at different levels.
  • New Business & Underwriting support that enables related processes including enrollments, underwriting and back office inspections.
  • Policy Administration that deals with changes in the policy and updating accordingly, audits, book keeping, loans and other financial practices.
  • Claims set up, administration, payments and subrogation processes.

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