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Acura Technologies has adapted to a unique technology process in dealing with the financial services. Our BFSI solutions shall facilitate a complete e-trading product suit along with treasury management solutions. We have a range of classified solutions to offer under Banking, Insurance and Financial Services portfolio.

Acura e – trader

Acura e – trader is one of the finest technological innovations from Acura technologies that assist banks to manage trading at high volumes without regular interruptions. E- trader will facilitate highly customized granular control that implies and manages margins for banks. Being a browser platform, this has a cross asset trading platform along with multi asset and single bank platforms. Acura rate manager is a sophisticated application that enables to channelize price feeds to the e – trader. E – trader is designed to received the price feeds from the bank’s pricing engine or standard liquidity sources. The post trading review is also facilitated by the e – trader where banks can monitor trading with post trade review by custom applications such as allocations, extensions, early take ups and close outs through filtered blotters.

Banks and financial institutions are always at greater advantage with Acura’s e – trader. E – trader can facilitate highly customized granular control to imply and manage margins. This will also create prices with market at zero latency.

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Superior advantages of e – trader to banks:

The achievement of Acura’s e – trader has become evident with the tremendous growth in trading volumes and the traders involve in the trading markets. Our solutions are completely customized such that the bank of the financial institution can deploy interface customization to connect with its participants.

Handling throughputs is one of the very significant aspects and challenges exist in trading. We can handle throughputs through trading automation technology which needs to be active and functional throughout the trading cycle. Acura’s custom-made trading solutions will ensure financial institutions including banks can enhance their product offering to its customers and participants of trading. We also deploy ESP and RFSQ pricing capabilities keeping price execution at optimum levels. Real time execution can be monitored on a global platform which includes limits and blotters.

Acura gateway

Acura gateway is the access gateway that connects multiple ECNs, portals and customers. In an environment like this where multiple entities are to be interfaced and connected, it is essential to establish connectivity so as to provide quick access to multiply entries. It has to be a platform that is superior, effective and efficient given the challenges of connectivity is considered. Acura’s gateway is a unique and potential platform that can result in high performance which can also monitor and manage streaming rates. This is a complex technology simplifies to be simpler application.

Key applications of Acura gateway

The Acura gateway’s advantage

Companies that ensure fastest market prices reaching their customers have more advantage over their competitors. With low volatility dominating the markets, customers tend to respond to the companies that provide fastest rates. Acura’s gateway stands at advantage as its users find greater sophistication and quick access, ensuring better performance in the markets.

Connectivity has been the greatest advantage as banks and financial players could successfully connect, interface, communicate and operate with entities that matter which includes multiple portals, channels and business partners. Keeping pace with the connectivity challenges and converting them in to smart challenges could be made a reality with Acura gateway which is a far superior application.

Acura front office

Acura front office is a specialist support centered that facilitates high end treasury management solutions. Our treasury management will help organizations to find an enhanced value as they find all the required operational support to manage their treasury affairs. Information plays a key role in decision making and enhances the trading movements. For organizations and dealers, acquiring the real-time information means efficient and superior trading experience leading to profits. Our front office provides all the real time information that matters to the organizations to stay on with successful trading. Our information system provides required information to the dealers as well as treasury managers simultaneously in a similar manner that will help in making cautious decisions.

Acura front office is equipped to provide highly intuitive user interface that makes trade capture activity simpler even by supporting complete range of asset classes and instruments.

Core advantages of Acura front office

Acura front office is a packaged solution of rich expertise to support operational and functional aspects of financial organizations of any capacity. Our provisions for real-time updates include profitability displays, cash flows, personalized and managed deal capture windows. Our front office is integrated with range of comprehensive tools and applications like e – trader and Acura gateway which is interfaced with multiple locations. Our reporting structure allows users to apply filters and customize reports before they are generated and published online. Users can also access Acura front office data using applications enabled by Acura Relational Gateway.